The Butterfly Bruises, A Poetry Collection | by Palmer Smith

Release Date May 15th, 2021


 A collection of 80 poems and several short stories, and a meditation on miscommunication, childhood, Northeastern vs. Southern American culture, family, nature vs. technology, and the imagination of the introvert.

The Butterfly Bruises will make the reader question what it means to be living and communicating in the world today, whilst also giving the reader space to answer these questions for themselves.
Leaning on the influence of her favorite poets and writers, the author, Palmer Smith, has used forms such as erasure, zuihitsu, prose-poetry, sestina, and other poetic forms. Short stories are written largely in the second person. 

Palmer's writing covers many topics...

Having grown up in NYC and the Southeast, Palmer is presently an MA student and splits her time between NY and VA. 

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Published Writing

“Daisy Buchanan" poem published in the Newark Library Literary Journal, Feb. 2021

"Charlotte and Melissa" short story published in the Crime Yard, Jan. 2021

“A Light Read” poem published in The Scissortail Quarterly, Nov. 2020 (This collection is now being sold on Amazon by The Scissortail Press.)

Several Poems published in Poethead-the online Irish Journal, Nov. 2020

“Grandmother” short story published in Selcouth Station, Nov. 2020

“Ladybug” poem published in Refresh Magazine, Nov. 2020

“The Falling of His Body” poem published in Push Up Daisies, Nov. 2020

“Body No. 19” poem published in Arc Journal, Oct. 2020

“The Dollhouse on Fifth Avenue” poem published in Arc Journal, Oct. 2020

“In Time,” “Relief” and “Live Now While We Are Here” poems published in Calm Down Magazine, August 2020-October 2020

“Puzzle Pieces” horror story published in The Remington Review, Sept. 2020 

“Book Review on Sally Mann’s Hold Still” published in level:deepsouth, Aug. 2020

“July” poem published in the French Press Zine, Aug. 2020

“My Oceanology” short story published in Sea Maven Magazine, July 2020

“She Did Not Know” poem, published in The Online Journal for Person Centered Dermatology, June 2020

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The Butterfly Bruises

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